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Opening the door to the world for Chinese brands

>>> Technology, data and service-driven brand international intelligent marketing service provider <<<

ABOUT HKMagicdigital

HKMagicdigital is an international intelligent marketing service provider driven by technology, data and services. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has been deeply involved in cross-border e-commerce for more than 10 years. It has successfully cooperated with Google, TikTok, Facebook, Yandex, LinkedIn, Microsoft Bing, Kwai, Shopify and many other internationally renowned Internet leading companies have formed close strategic partnerships.

Relying on leading promotion technologies such as global data models, overseas user big data, and AI intelligent marketing to bring the world’s huge flow of precise business opportunities into the mainland. HKMagicdigital has successfully served more than 100 types of overseas industries, with more than 2,000 overseas customers, and the cumulative annual export volume of various industries exceeds 100 million yuan, winning unanimous praise from the market.

Our Service


Google marketing, Facebook marketing, Yandex marketing, TikTok marketing, one-stop solution from material production to advertising, helping advertisers accurately target users and effectively improve ROI.

Brand operation

HKMagicdigital’s own rich experience in brand incubation and operation, combined with the brand experience of international consulting companies, provides exclusive marketing strategy consulting for customers in different categories and customizes the overall brand operation strategy.

Talent Incubation

Carry out training content such as overseas marketing strategies, market development strategies, and foreign trade team building for foreign trade companies to guide more companies to become familiar with and adapt to global network resources, connect with emerging markets, and improve operating efficiency.

Our plan

In the future, HKMagicdigital will continue to adhere to the corporate vision of “deeply incubating 20 brands that influence the world”, using technology as the engine, data as the support, and service as the guarantee, to deeply lay out the global digital marketing service industry chain, and strive to escort Chinese enterprises overseas. , improve overseas performance, expand overseas influence, and promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises

Our Advantage

Quick account opening

7×24 hours recharge on the day of account opening

Cross-platform transfer with no waiting time

Cross-platform transfer, the account is blocked, the transfer speed is fast and there is no waiting time, convenient and fast

Full docking with senior optimizer

One-to-one service from senior optimizers, worry-free throughout the process

Improved review mechanism

Eliminate cumbersome and repeated qualification submissions

Professional appeal channel

If your account is blocked or your GMC is blocked, you can quickly appeal, which is safe and convenient.

Fast website launch

A variety of website building system solutions to choose from, quickly go online

Our Client